Christian Schober
Christian Schober

"The biggest challenge is to deploy the right consultants in the appropriate projects at the right time. Interdisciplinary communication, social skills, adaptability and an appreciation of the atmosphere within the customer company is more important here, and a greater success factor, than mere technical skills. Logistics expertise is a must. In this respect, we value the acquired practical experience of our consultants and employees higher than theoretically learned methodology.”


This is reflected in a quotation by Peter F. Drucker:


"What is needed in effectiveness

is competence acquired through practice.”

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Christian Schober

We have developed our competence through many years of practice as business-focussed service providers. Each member of our team contributes their own varied experience from widely differing fields and projects.


Our consultants and employees

  • Have worked successfully in operational management positions,
  • Think and act entrepreneurially,
  • Are experienced specialists in their field,
  • Are independent, neutral and discreet,
  • Are practitioners and have not just created numerous solutions, but have also successfully implemented them,
  • Can interact with people,
  • Have excellent language skills.


These qualities of our consultants make us effective – resulting in satisfied customers. Why not find out for yourself?