Realise huge cost reduction potential with simple means.

Why hospital logistics?


Owing to its status as an interdisciplinary function, hospital logistics (also known as medical logistics) is now seen as an integrated method for reducing cost while improving quality. Most of the potential for this is in the organisational field. The potential benefits of medical logistics can often be realised without investment in hardware or software.


Hospital logistics at SCHOBER in 2 areas:


In-house logistics


The entire transportation of materials, goods and patients within a building or site/campus.


Outdoor logistics


The entire transportation of materials, goods and patients outside a site to and from external locations – i.e. “over the road”. 


SCHOBER provides:


Weak point and potential analysis

  • Identification of cost drivers and
  • Interface problems
  • Calculation of actual total costs and
  • Potential savings

 Improvement proposals

  • Material flow optimisation
  • Process design
  • Preparation of tangible and attainable improvement proposals
  • Presentation of the financial benefits of new processes and measures
  • Investment appraisals
  • Preparation of implementation plans
  • Implementation and implementation support


Hospital logistics solutions help you to save costs, allow important professional groups, e.g. in medical care, more time for their core competences and above all manage your establishment efficiently over the long term.


SCHOBER will also implement the solutions it develops for you – in your organisation and among your staff. Request our list of references and additional material here.