Reduce costs – simplify administration

Our top selling service: we not only lower freight costs – e.g. through invitations to tender – we also simplify and streamline logistics administration.


We offer you results-driven consulting in 3 steps:


Step 1:

Capture and analysis of your current situation


We determine your overall freight costs. We identify and name savings potential, also within your own company – quickly, transparently, credibly and realistically.


Step 2:

Invitation to tender for the total volume


We organise the tender process for the entire transportation package and exploit economies of scale: inbound, outbound, all modes of transport. And after the bidding process? Significant savings – nevertheless satisfied employees – even in operations. Logistic service providers offering high quality at cost-conscious prices – the cheapest is not always the best.


Step 3:

Creation of a modern shipping organisation


It is not just a question of saving freight costs but also in administration and in the shipping organisation. Take advantage of elements of a lean culture – streamline and simplify your logistics administration... and cut waste. Our guiding principle: “The cheapest shipment is the one that doesn’t need transporting”. At least not as air freight, special shipment or in poorly utilised vehicles...


We will support you with transparent and calculable costs. Are your actual data difficult to determine? Do you have special transportation needs or do you use no logistics software in your logistics operations? We are your partner when it comes to difficult tasks and long-term, effective solutions.


These are also issues for a shipping organisation:

What’s the use of cheap freight prices if vehicles are poorly utilised?

Extra journeys with special equipment increase transport costs enormously.

Poor packaging doesn’t give the forwarder a chance.