Freight tendering – Cost savings

Optimising freight costs through integrated tendering is an extremely responsible task. Request-for-tender projects can only be successful when the results meet your end-customers’ requirements.

  • We take the time that you don’t have.
  • If you wish, we will consider all modes of transport, global transport, inbound and outbound.
  • We use modern analysis and reporting tools.
  • We have a significant portfolio of projects and have more than 17 years of experience in this segment.
  • We speak your language and those of your partners. Quite literally, too. 
  • We prepare the tender documents in the language of your transport partners, i.e. in English, French or e.g. Czech.
  • We draw up requests for proposal in such a way that suppliers can offer their best pricing.
  • We guarantee the success of the tendering process.
  • We consider it our duty to reduce your costs and at the same time to improve your quality and service.


Our services – individually or as a package:


Initial analysis clarifies potential and confirms whether the project makes sense. During the thorough preparation of the request for proposal we relieve you of all the preliminary work and create the conditions for a successful tender process. During execution of the tender we support all those who are involved, whether internally or externally. After evaluation we support you in reaching a decision by weighing up the pros and cons of the individual contractors – and not just from a cost point of view. During implementation we safeguard the switch to a different carrier or to work on amended terms in such a way that the transition has no noticeable negative impact. In the follow-up stage we secure the intended effects over the long term.


Request our reference and project list  by sending an e-mail to – or ask for our fact sheet listing our successful requests for proposal and giving you the facts and figures. We will be pleased to send you our data sheet with a detailed description of our service.