The right warehouse in the right place with the right size

What is a warehouse for you? A necessary evil? Or a strategic building block vital for the success of your company? A cost driver and form of inventory management? Centralised or decentralised: greenfield site or close to the market, automated or conventional, investment or investor model, customised or intended for future third-party use… the questions are endless... but the solutions are individual.


We cover the complex area of consulting for warehouse logistics comprehensively:

  • As-is assessment and development of scenarios
  • Location questions and site analysis
  • Cost-benefits analyses; recommendations for action
  • Complete layout planning for buildings and interior equipment
  • Collaboration with architects, general contractors and suppliers
  • Equipment planning for intralogistics: warehouse, transport, picking and conveying equipment
  • Management of construction and start-up stages
  • Planning and/or organisation of tender process for management
  • Commissioning
  • Consolidation and relocation management


Here the focus of our solutions is on the following topics:

  • Improvement of the logistics workflow
  • Use of value stream mapping
  • Simplification of administration
  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Optimisation of floor area and space utilisation
  • Improvement in error rate of picking
  • Inventory reduction through focus on demand


Our strengths also include establishing new storage locations during operation.


Make or buy? Outsourcing in contract logistics? 


If you are planning on selecting a service provider to perform contract logistics tasks and are still considering before reaching a decision, we can can help you to reach that decision and to put it into practice: provided it is the best solution for your company. We are your experienced partner when it comes to feasibility studies, process design, IT issues, invitations to tender, contract arrangements, financing and implementation – and we can bring together all the required participants to form a successful project team.


Simply request details on the projects we have realised in this area here.