Our services at a glance

Transport Management

Our top selling service. We not only lower freight costs – e.g. through invitations to tender (RFQ's) –  we also simplify and streamline logistics administration. Our motto is "The cheapest form of transport is the one that does not take place". You can find more details on the left, or you can access them here.


Warehouse Logistics, Contract Logistics 

Where do you want your storage facility? Closer to production? Or closer to your customer market? Or is it important to be near your suppliers? What capacity  do you need? Now, in 3 years and in 10 years time? What technology should you use? How are your processes organised and how do you deal with questions of safety? Is outsourcing a solution for you or not? There are many questions and only a single right answer to each, which we will help you find. You can find more details in the navigation bar to the left, or you can access them here.


 Production Logistics

Our competence does not just cover the major flows of goods external to your location. Our services also cover micro logistics, for example between goods receipt, QA, assembly or production line and back to finished goods storage. We use elements of lean culture to measurably eliminate waste. You can find more details on the left, or you can access them here. But you will learn most by talking to us direct.


Management Consulting for the logistic industry 

In addition to logistics consulting we also offer management consulting for logistics service providers, haulage companies and forwarders. Whether workflow management, business segment strategy, questions of location, succession consulting, controlling or vehicle cost accounting – you can request details on our broad and comprehensive range of services here. Furthermore, our knowledge of the needs of the shipping industry and service providers enables us to create and implement really helpful solutions, for example for invitations to tender. Simply request details using our contact form.

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