Supply Chain Security - our partnership with GEUTEBRÜCK...

Supply Chain Security (SCS) means...


increasing security within your  Supply Chain, minimizing risks and costs, reducing losses of goods and improving logistic quality. Often people feel the need to deal with supply chain security because of requirements in case of legal regulations or regimentations like "AEO" (Authorised Economic Operater) and TAPA certification. We would be glad to support you during preparing assessments as well as the application procedure.


Supply Chain Security by SCHOBER means also... know the condition of the goods and where they are: now and in real time! Process visualization through video security supports you


  • having a demand oriented yard management with optimized costs and security processes,
  • achieving a materialflow between receiving department and dispatch department without waste, using elements of lean culture
  • reaching shorter lead times
  • increasing the productivity in your internal logistics
  • creating an demand oriented inventory management
  • surveilling high value products and customs areas
  • and much more...


Supply Chain Security by SCHOBER means furthermore...


supporting hospitals through process visualization too, for example:

  • with asset-tracking (for expensive devices like beds, wheel chairs..)
  • through access control for important rooms and areas like laboratories, intensive care units or narcotic storage.
  • through optimization of staff deployment for example within the internal pick-up and delivery service.
  • and much more...


Please don't hesitate to get in contact with  us: we would be pleased to discuss with you about advantages regarding process visualization in your company. Visit the website of our partner for Supply Chain Security here! Learn more about technical details and possibly fields of application in our flyer "About Geutebrück"

Here you can find our current flyer to  download. This document is also available in german, french and turkish language!

Cooperation GEUTEBRÜCK SCHOBER german
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About Geutebrück
Technical details and fields of application
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