We are business developers – that is the difference.


"And nothing boosts trust in people more than when words harmonise with deeds. It is the easiest way to gain credibility – and that is difficult enough: To say what you are doing and to do what you say".



(Johannes Rau, Berlin speech, 12 May 2004)


What differentiates us – as business developers – from management consultants?


  • We offer holistic solutions – always with an eye to the company as a whole.
  • Business developers think and plan for the medium to long term.
  • Development does not happen just through change management – we work with you to put it into practice.
  • We have a wide range of specialisation.
  • We make use of high-quality partnerships to address related fields of work.


Business development means reliable work, sustainable results, all-round service.


What is the secret of a successful consulting project? 


  • The financial outcome of consulting from SCHOBER is always at least three times the amount of the fee. (In some cases we have even achieved ten times the amount.)
  • The customer decides – SCHOBER enables the customer to decide.
  • SCHOBER involves the customer's staff  from an early stage.
  • The success of the project is the success of the team.  
  • The project is not merely a "success" on paper – it remains a sustainable and measurable success over the long term.
  • Change management is successful.


Success is when the customer has no hesitation in recommending

SCHOBER to others!