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Topics: Procurement logistics, production logistics, design of a new logistics facility at the company site, process optimisation in logistics and at the interfaces.

Topics: Location logistics, consolidation and reorganisation, centralisation of various storage sites, planning for a new warehouse, development of management scenarios, invitation to tender.

Topics: Capture analysis of global flows of goods. Invitations to tender and immediate implementation of transport cost reduction measures. 

Topics: Reorganisation of shipping department, yard and ramp management, transport and vehicle capacity utilisation optimisation.


Topics: Invitation to tender for global inbound and outbound transportation for 12 sites in D, A and CH.

Topics: Weak-point analysis of company logistics (all locations), invitation to tender for inbound and outbound shipments, implementation.

Topics: Invitation to tender for outsourcing of central warehouse, support for implementation through to go-live, follow-up support. 


Topics: Development of and calculation for various scenarios for a European transportation concept.


Topics: Invitation to tender for global inbound and outbound shipments, redesign of inter-company transportation between 4 production facilities in D, CH and RO. Investigation of warehouse logistics in the main plant and proposal for improvements.

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