Case studies - Logistics projects at a glance


Whether contract logistics, outsourcing, warehouse logistics, production logistics or transport management; whether in Europe, Germany, Bavaria or the greater Munich area: here we publish project reports to make our work more "tangible" and to be able to explain it to you better - because logistics consulting can have many facets! Our reports are all written in a neutral way - if you would like to know the specific contact person of our client, please feel free to contact us!


We would be happy to send you details of the respective customer, english versions of case studies or further references!



Here you can find examples of warehouse logistics:

Lagerlogistik und Kontraktlogistik, Lagerkosten reduzieren, Bestände optimieren, Outsourcing, Ausschreibung

Here you can find examples of transport logistics:

Transportmanagement, Frachtausschreibung, Transportausschreibung, Kostenreduzierung, Einsparung, Netzwerkplanung, Transportmanagement

Here you can find examples of production logistics:

Produktionslogistik, Materialfluss, Lean, Wertstrommethode, Digitalisierung, Automatisierung, Intralogistik

Here you can find examples of hospital logistics:

Krankenhauslogistik, Kliniklogistik, Lager, Transport, Hol- und Bringedienste, Smart Hospital, Hosptiallogistics, Patiententransporte

Here you can find examples of logistics service providers:

Managementberatung, Insolvenzberatung, Sanierung, Finanzierung, M&A, Verkauf, Unternehmensbewertung