Schober Beratung für Logistik, München, Bayern, Logistikplaner und Logistikberater, Lagerlogistik, Transportlogistik, Produktionslogistik, Krankenhauslogistik, Logistikdienstleister

Our advice - aimed at improving your logistics!

Warehousing logistics, warehousing strategy, building and layout planning, technical interior equipment, process optimisation, outsourcing and contract logistics, choice of site
Freight and transportation tendering, tendering, transport organisation, fleet management, packaging, network planning
production logistics, site and plant layout, yard management, material flow, intralogistics, internal stores, production stores, suppliers’ logistical quality, container management
hospital logistics, in-house logistics, outdoor logistics, logistics strategy, smart hospital
Complete consulting services for logistic service providers, corporate strategy, finance, organisational structure and processes, building and layout planning, tender management, fleet management

Managementberatung, Insolvenzberatung, Sanierung, Finanzierung, Verkauf, Unternehmensbewertung

The difference between chalk and cheese. Think long and hard before choosing your logistics consultant. We’ll be delighted to present our company to you in person. Reach your own conclusion.