Your benefit

When does a project translate into success?  

  • The ROI – the measure of the financial success of consulting services provided by us – is 3 – 10 times higher than our fee.
  • Savings: a significant reduction in costs forms part and parcel of the success. 
  • The role of the customer: SCHOBER puts customers in a position to take their own decisions.
  • Our team: SCHOBER involves the customer's staff from an early stage. The successful project outcome is the team’s success.
  • Implementation: the project is not merely a "success" on paper – it is put into practice and remains a sustainable and measurable success.

Our success (and hence our highest goal) is when our customers have no hesitation in recommending SCHOBER to others.   

Projects succeed because we live up to our values. 

  • Honesty: We demonstrate it towards our customers, for example in the way in which we assess actual results and deadlines or in the way we disclose bad news.  Honesty to yourself means acknowledging what you can and cannot do.
  • Modesty: We neither think we know everything or pretend to do so.  The success of a project is the success achieved by the team together with the customer's staff who are involved.
  • Hard work: Many of our customers – especially small and medium-sized businesses – feel that our fees are very high, at least until they recognise the ROI achieved in the end. And yet – irrespective of the result – we work hard and transparently at achieving the goals and in meeting deadlines. With outstanding commitment.
  • Respect: Courtesy is the first sign of this. We respect people irrespective of their status and position and reject all forms of discrimination – whatever the basis. Our aim is not “just” to advise – we work together with you and your employees. As a partner.


SCHOBER Logistikberater und Logistikplaner in München, Bayern, Deutschland und Europa

"And nothing boosts trust in people more than when words harmonise with deeds. It is the easiest way to gain credibility – and that is difficult enough: To say what you are doing and to do what you are saying".



(Johannes Rau, Berlin speech, 12 May 2004)